The author

This project is the graduation project of Lisa Reith. Lisa specializes herself in artistic research and concepetual art. The works that she makes exceeds the limitation of a product or service, as it tries to functions as an educative artwork. This comes from her believe that we are all but one. She states that the identity is not limited. ”The ego comes in a plurality of forms and  reflected in every aspect of life as we are in constant negotiation with the “other” self. Every situation in life knows a different “I””. And as an artist she challenge these contextualised identities and creates a visualization of its (future) definition. She rethink existing routines by pondering on and directing towards new ones, by using critical thinking, research, intellectual rigour and creative problem solving, highlighting the fragile and parcable parts of ”I”. Please visit her website for more information about her other works:

Additional information
25, Dutch
Currently located between London and Rotterdam.
Specialised in
Conceptual design
Critical and Creative analysis
Visual Sociology and media studies
Studied at
Goldsmiths University of Humanities
Central Saint Martins University of the Arts London
Willem de Kooning Acedemie
Het Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam
Unsuals, ZOHO, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Willem de Kooning academy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Central Saint Martins, London, England
Visual Research Centre’s (VRC) Centrespace, Dundee, Scotland
Willem de Kooning academy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
GLR OUT THERE, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Grafisch Lyceum, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
UCVLowTech, Universidad Catolica de Valencia
The Hmm, Worm, Rotterdam