The hyperlinked paper

This paper introduces you to a theory in which I imply that different interfaces have different types of authority over the information that they supply its visitor with. As an experiment I hyperlinked the theory using several social media platforms. This shows the dynamic between different interfaces. The experience of the hyperlink is different with each user. This because a few thing might happen. One, you are not logged in on the social platform and are not able to acces the content. Two, you are not very known with the interface and cannot find the next link. Three, your are using apps of the visited social platforms and get stuck in the apps its interface that is different from its webpage version and in so are not able to acces the information that contains the next link. Four, the link is removed by the social platform or five, the link is removed because the platform is not in use anymore.
Please click on the first link to access the hyperlink leap of chapter one. You can find a link to the next chapter at the bottom of each post. 
Sharing screens: Ello
Introduction: Medium
1. The interpretation of content within the remediated space: Google+
Semiotic regime: Pinterest
1.1 Repurposing:
Scraping telegraaf: Tumblr
1.2 Adaptive interactivity: Youtube
Content: Myspace
1.3 Functional interactivity: Linkedin
Sharing truth: Instagram
1.4 Navigational interactivity: Soundcloud
Google image search:Twitter
Conclusion chapter one: Facebook
There is also a video available in which the hyperlinked process can be followed in real time;

On your desktop screen:
On your mobile screen:
On your tablet screen: