Defacing; Belastingdienst

How sensitive are you for authority?

On- and offline are easily compared when you look for example at the Dutch tax authorities. The Belastingdienst is praised for its analogue information design and its blue envelop and letter are so iconic that even without any words (or colours) people are immediately aware of its authoritative power. Unfortunately this indoctrinated analogue design is barely applicable in a website interface due to online protocols and in so it losses its authoritative power in an online sphere. Some interesting notions are that they repurposed iconic designed elements such as the front and cover logo of the letter and the arrow that suggests specified information. Another one is that when you receive information online, the information needs to be downloaded and still is an exact copy of its regular analogue version only then as a .PDF on your online screen.


The above mentioned example is also easily seen when you remove everything that brands the identity of the Belastingdienst and only show the white space protocol that reveals the semiotic regime of the identity of the Belastingdienst.